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The ‘No Use’ clause

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There’s a rising problem in the black community but it isn’t new.

I’m not going to go into statistics; most of us know them anyway.  Like how the percentage of AIDS infection in Blacks are more (45 percent) than the population of Blacks in America (12 percent) and how the rate of new infections among Black women are higher than their white counterparts.

And don’t dismiss the extreme amount of babies being born to unfit parents.

Condoms may decrease the sensation, or feeling, of natural sex, but they increase the chances of saving lives.

But even when we know the numbers, we don’t do anything to reverse or stop it.  For one main reason alone — carelessness.

We’ve all been there — a lengthy relationship.  To quantify ‘lengthy’ is determined by individual interpretation.  But the majority of us will agree upon the acceptance of the ‘no use’ clause.

In all lengthy relationships, the couples reach a point that monogamy is the basis of the length.  The idea that being with an individual for one, two or three years, building on something wonderful causes us to trust them unconditionally.  So you both sign the ‘NO USE’ Clause stating that condom usage in the relationship cease to exist.

That’s what monogamy means right?

However, the pact has a tendency to be carried over.  An individual will go outside the relationship and have a sexual relationship without the use of protection — as if the agreement applies to everyone.  Then they’ll come back to the original party and continue on as agreed.

This type of behavior scars individuals for life.  Mental scars — those you can eventually heal from.  Emotional scars will heal over time but the wrong physical scar could be lethal.

As a culture, we need to put a stipulation on the clause: “NOT BEFORE MARRIAGE.”

Yes marriage does not guarantee a faithful spouse (the high divorce rate proves that). Yes marriage does not mean to say ‘I do’ out of lust or just because ‘I wanna feel it.’  Marriage as a union put together by God has ceased to exist but that is for another blog.

Stop the nonsense, always wrap up.


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  1. Ms.Hannah says:

    I find this blog an alarming truth. This to me is the direct result of Women not holding themselves of any value. It seems to me as a mature woman of 41 todays generation of women are to carefree with their bodies. I mean sex is like passing out a bag of chips. In my younger years sex was not looked at so casual. There is nothing casual about sex when you think about all that could be affected by it. sex should always be between two people who are mature enough to understand what come along with this level of intimacy and both are willing to take on the responsibility that it may bring .Today more than half the people Having sex can’t even remember the middle names of all the people they have sleep with. as far as marriage that is a word that has becoming a Joke to the new generation . If you can’t grasp the concept of being woman or Man and respect yourself in that form . Than how the heck can you be a wife or a Husband . Once again alarming but true!!!

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