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Haynesworth’s comments denounces his mother, himself

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I hate white women.

See how those words reverberated through the monitor? And those sentiments aren’t even real. However, we all can’t make that same claim about a particular race of women.

Last week, Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was charged with sexual assault when he went ‘Tip Drill’ style on a hotel waitress by sliding a credit card down her blouse. It’s only natural that Haynesworth would deny the charges. His excuse that the allegations are false:

“I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. … I don’t even like black girls.”

There maybe a deeper reason why Albert Haynesworth has issues.

I haven’t heard, or read, much outrage over his statement. Maybe if he would have said what I wrote in my lead, there would be more hoopin’ and hollerin.’ I guess since he’s another black man dissin’ his own women much like the rappers of our race already do, society is like ho-hum; that’s what they do.

Honestly, Haynesworth would have been better off going Don Imus and calling his accuser a nappy headed ho, at least that way we could say he’s crazy. But his comments present a deeper psychological issue that speaks volumes about his character and thoughts about himself.

Haynesworth’s filthy excuse of hating black women as a way of getting out of the despicable charge of sexual assault tells me that he hates his mother, his grandmother, his aunt; these strong black women who raised him. It’s not only a slap in the face but a spit in the face to the black woman who gave birth to him.

I do not care the dating preferences of people. Haynesworth dating white women isn’t an usual occurrence; most black athletes and high profile black men shun black women for the snow bunnies but to explicitly say that he hates black women is akin to Tiger Woods’ ‘Caublasian’ proclamation (and you saw how that worked out for him).

The hate of oneself can not be explained. There are factors for it but the finite answer isn’t clear cut. Haynesworth’s actions (including stepping on the face of Andre Gurode, who is black,  in 2006) and words shouts ‘I hate me.’ Not only does it speak the hate of black women but his alleged sexual assault on a black woman demonstrates the hate of blackness, the hate of himself.

And there is no amount of money, suspension time or prison sentence can correct that.



  1. Mr. Black Dude says:

    As a Black Man I think it’s pretty lame of him to “not like black women” it shows a definite level of self hate. Howeva! Black women do much to make them selves hated. You bring up his mom , Black women oft abuse their children. Your reading the words of a guy who was often beaten by the so called “strong black women who raised him”.

    Black women make Hollywood movies,and go on talk shows and news shows dissing black men. As far as rap none of those girls in Nelly’s Tip Drill video seemed to mind being paid to shake it.

    Black mothers teach their daughters to disrespect Black Men. Hayensworth’s comments were idiotic,but this notion that black men are evil being perpetuated by house Negro sisters is getting old.

    • Chris says:

      So, um, you’re blaming black women for the hatred of black men towards black women?

      Sixty-seven percent of the nation’s black children come from single parent homes. Of those 67 percent, roughly 50 percent of those were raised by mothers. So if anything, black men should be hating themselves instead of the woman. Obviously, it is the black man who is doing most of the abandoning and it is the black man who isn’t raising the kids.

      Truthfully, your logic of black women doing much to disrespect themselves comes from the lack of having a father — a black man — in their lives. It is a father who tells a daughter that she is beautiful; it is a father who demonstrates to a daughter how a man should treat them; it is a father who instill in his daughter the respect that she deserves. Just like only a father, a man, can teach a boy how to become a man, a man, a father, can only teach a daughter how a man should treat them.

      You are referring to a generational “curse.” I whole heartedly agree with you on your thinking (that wasn’t said but understood). The lack of respect, discipline and other life principles comes from children raising children. Girls having children before they’re even old enough to know themselves, grandmothers who are in their late 30s who have just found themselves do not know how to raise children so of course they will only raise their children how they were raised (which in a lot cases were bad). So these often “abusive” parents stem from something more mental than just pure disrespect.

      Those women in the Tip Drill video were strippers. Of course they didn’t mind — they get paid on a regular basis to get half-naked (or completely nude if you go to the right locations). And to stereotype all strippers as some ‘wooisme’ girl whose parents didn’t give a crap about them is totally out of bounds. None of us know these women on individual basis so none of us have the right to say anything disrespectful about them.

      Neither I, or black women, said that black men are evil for “disrespecting” black women. On the contrary, black women have stuck by black men stronger, harder, than any other race even through their faults. Once a black woman do a black man wrong, he’ll jump ship and run to the Caucasian woman. Even after a black man does a black woman wrong, she’ll still stay with black men.

      I’m simply using Albert as an example to say that as black men, as black people in general, we need to stop disrespecting each other because in the end, when we disrespect one another, we’re disrespecting ourselves.

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