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Maybe more than one trophy should be taken back from Chicago

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Advertisements columnist Jason Whitlock tweeted after Chicago’s 101-93 loss to Miami in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals that Derrick Rose (who scored 23 points on 8-of-27 shooting and seven turnovers) should give his league MVP back.

After the Bulls watch the Heat end their season by going on an 18-3 run that evaporated a 12-point fourth quarter lead in an 83-80 Game 5 loss and losing the series 4-1, maybe Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau needs to FedEx his Coach of the Year award back to Commissioner David Stern.

Handing it over to Erik Spoelstra before the Heat left the United Center Thursday night would cut the shipping cost — that’s who the award would be going to any way.

Sports writers and fans wanted Heat coach Erik Spoelstra ran out of Miami during the Heat's early season struggles. All he's done is coached them to the NBA Finals.

Despite Thibodeau guiding the Bulls to a league-best 62-20 record and helping Rose earn his MVP, it has been Spoelstra who has done the best coaching job this season amidst what Dwyane Wade said during his Game 5 post-game press conference a “roller coaster ride.”

Ever since The Decision was made by LeBron James to join the Heat with Chris Bosh and Wade, Spoelstra’s coaching abilities were in question. Even after Wade publicly endorsed ‘Coach Spoe,’ pundits still doubted whether or not Spoelstra can handle those three stars.

Then the Heat began losing, a streak that upped to four straight, a 1-9 record against the NBA elite at the time and 1-of-18 shooting in the final 10 seconds of close games that made many in the sports world calling for Spoelstra’s dismissal. And who can forget “Tear Gate?”

Through it all, Spoelstra has led the Heat to exactly where no one wanted them to be, four wins away from an NBA championship one season in of the ‘Heatles’ experiment — doing so by going through both the Celtics (former two-time defending Eastern Conference champs) and the Bulls.

Thibodeau may have been the best coach through 82 games, but it has been Spoelstra who won despite the heat.


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