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Bolt’s disqualification at Worlds mean … nothing

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Usain Bolt jumped the gun at the 2011 World Championships that cost him the 100-meter title. And it means nothing. (Photo courtsey of Reuters)

Once the dust settles at the 2011 Track and Field World Championships next weekend, Usain Bolt’s name will NOT occupy the men’s 100-meter gold medal name list. For the first time since before the Beijing Olympics, Bolt did not win the 100 at a major championship.

And for track and field, it means absolutely nothing.

Bolt not winning the 100 at Daegu doesn’t change the landscape of track and field. It isn’t the collapse of the Roman Empire. It isn’t the dethroning of a king. Bolt didn’t get beat, he was disqualified because of a false start.

The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) adopted a rule that became official last year that one false start equals an automatic disqualification. There’s no question that Bolt jumped. So by rule, Bolt was indeed rightly disqualified. The disqualification speaks more about the rule than of a changing of the guard in sprinting.

Jamaica still retains the 100 title with Yohan Blake winning in a not so impressive 9.92 seconds. American Walter Dix was second in a even slower 10.08, edging out Saint Kitts and Nevis’ Kim Collins who was third at 10.09. With both American Tyson Gay out and Jamaican teammate Asafa Powell injured (so says reports), the race would have been Bolt’s easiest championship since Beijing.

“Looking for tears? Not going to happen. I’m OK,” Bolt said according to the Associated Press.

Bolt still has the 200 to run later this week so what should we expect? Bolt’s agent, Ricky Simms, has an answer.

“Win the 200 meters and run fast there. What else can he do?” said Simms according to

But as it goes, someone else is world champion besides the world champion. Bolt’s invincibility is still intact so don’t go thinking otherwise. Until someone ACTUALLY beat him head to head, the short sprints are still Bolt’s kingdom and everyone else are just paupers in it.


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