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Voltron console debut shows spirit, lacks fight

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As I’ve gotten older, video gaming has become nearly obsolete in my life. There is a Playstation 3 within my reach so I have had stretches of gaming euphoria, cramming 1,460 hours between ‘Assassin Creed II (yes, I’m late but whatever)’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto IV.’

Voltron the game scores a touchdown with nostalgia, but fumbles as a game.

Every since I read the announcement for the ‘Voltron: Defender of the Universe’ video game release, I’ve been a little hyped. After originally announced for an October release, ‘Voltron’ became available for purchase online through the Playstation Network Tuesday, Nov. 29 and Xbox Live on Wednesday, Nov. 3o.

The producers of ‘Voltron’ the video game, THQ, didn’t create a video game about a cartoon but they created a video game around a cartoon.

‘Voltron’ opens with the cartoon opening sequence, pulled directly from the original footage itself, Peter Cullen and all, just as if you just turned on the DVD. The most amazing concept of the game is that each stage is a different episode from the series, each level a different segment that of course ends with the Robeast battle. You’re basically PLAYING the cartoon.

There’s even a commercial break. Pressing pause will summon Cullen’s voice with a: “Voltron will be back after these messages” and then after pressing resume: “Now back to Voltron, defender of the universe.”

As far as game play is concerned, I agree with Tristan Ogilvie of that it’s simplistic. ‘Voltron’ is a shoot-em-up game. You’re just “piloting” the lions around shooting everything in site. Honestly, I think that’s the point. It’s suppose to be like an arcade game, especially with the two flying levels akin to ‘Galaga.’

Other negatives about the game is that it is super short. There are only three levels that you can get through very quickly (I was a boss away from completion after five hours of game time before I went to bed) and the anticipated Voltron versus Robeast battle stinks like a dump truck in summer heat.

I played the game in single player mode but I think the appeal is the actual five-player co-op to see how each player would fight among themselves to control and choose Voltron’s attack.

Could the game be better? Absolutely, by developing an adventure game that utilizes Keith, Pidge, Hunk, Allura and Lance on foot, having lion-specific levels and stages, having more than just three Robeasts and having a little more of a battle between Voltron and the aforementioned Robeast.

But as a huge Voltron fan, I had fun playing it. The likelihood of another Voltron video game is slim to none and unfortunately, there may not be another way of actually doing it besides shooting Drule soldiers.

Final Grade:  C-


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