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What are we really fighting for in Trayvon’s cause?

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The unjustifiable murder of Trayvon Martin has put the black cause to the forefront of America's conscious.

I wasn’t going to comment about the Trayvon Martin case but it would murder (no pun intended) the little credibility my site does have. Due to other projects, I will keep my point short and controversial as possible.

The murder of Trayvon by George Zimmerman was tragic. Zimmerman not being arrested for the murder — unjust. The black solidarity that the case has spurned on — laughable cute.

When I first heard about the case, my first thought was: ‘This isn’t anything new.’ Then all of this outrage that began to flood my eyes and ears about the unjustifiable murder made me think: ‘huh?’ Understandable as it is, it’s slightly naivety. A lot of the upheaval about the case is that society has been coaxed into believing that racism cease to exist. Somehow blacks feel as if the election of President Obama meant that racism had officially been buried. On the contrary, the election of President Obama has, if anything, made racism more prevalent with President Obama being targeted with a plethora of racial slurs and images.

This is one of many racially themed images of President Barack Obama since his election to office to prove that racism is stronger than ever.

Should we be surprised that Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested yet? If you understand the history of America no. Should we be tired of the blatant racism against us? Absolutely. But as a group of people, we need to be more proactive with our grievances than being selective.

In 2oo8, Brandon McClelland was dragged to death in Texas by two white “friends.” I don’t recall this much of a national outcry for his case. There weren’t people wearing chains around their necks in his memory. Should him being 28 years old make that much of a difference?

Everyday a black youth is murdered but not everyday do the national media visit these towns, visit their parents or organize rallies. When it’s black on black murder, it’s par for the course but when it’s a racially motivated murder of a black youth we want to kick up dust.

Our concern as a group of people should be the elimination of black on black crime more so than to see Zimmerman brought to justice — which should be hanging by a lynch mob but I digress.



  1. Tudiefruit says:

    I don’t disagree with your overall assessment, however, I am of the belief we (and not just us as a people, but many in the nation) are coming together over this issue, because someone’s child was gunned down in cold blood, allowed to lie in the morgue unclaimed for (if I am not mistaken), several days, and no one on the police force thought to dial ANY number off his cell phone (which they had in their possession).

    This situation enflames me moreso as a PARENT than as a member of a ethnic group. just my .02

    • Chris says:

      Black kids are murdered in cold blood all of the time, by other blacks and even though there is in fact sadness that come with that, there isn’t a nationwide outcry with every murder until it’s done racially unjust.

      Maybe we’re getting tired of fighting the same fight against ourselves. So maybe we need something else to renew that. But I feel as if we need to be consistent with our battles.

      Even if an arrest is made (not necessarily with this case but with any), we should still be angry and upset as a people.

  2. Guapo540 says:

    As always, Tudiefruit, your points are compelling and would be foolish to refute. Thank you for your ever eloquent input and opinion.

  3. Guapo540 says:

    Your comments about having a Black President has awakened the Racists in this country because they never thought it would come to this. They feel threatened. They shouldn’t feel that way because President Obama is there for all of the People not just some of the people the way previous Presidents have been.

    • Chris says:

      You can’t awaken something that was never asleep. I’m not sorry for feeling this way and I blame it a lot from my being raised in the south and my study and understanding of race relations and black history (Jim Crow especially) but racists just whispered the bigotry instead of screaming. Obama gave them a reason to shout.

      In 2012, whites (although Zimmerman is Hispanic I’m speaking generally) aren’t threatened. We’ve all been living and working together for years now. They know EXACTLY where everyone stand at every place. They just hate because they want to, because it’s ingrained in them to hate.

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