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After Dark II: Black Scary Movie

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Editor’s Note: The following review is about material of an adult content. Viewers should be at least 18 years and reader discretion is advised.

Long time producer of ethnic pornography West Coast Productions continues to grow its ‘AfterDark Pictures’ line with producer and director Bishop with its most recent release Black Scary Movie.

Black Scary Movie stars Misty Stone, Bella Moretti, Tee Reel, Rihanna Rimes and Chilly Chill. Jade Nacole, Prince Yahshua, Skin Diamond and Deep Threat also all made appearances.

Bishop and WCP brings out the horror in “Black Scary Movie.”

The story centers around a group of friends who plan for a weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods but one by one they’re murdered by a knife wielding white man.

Cliche? Absolutely but ironically the sex actually made the movie more realistic than the slasher films of the 1980s because the sex was actually performed rather than bombarding viewers with unfulfilled and ho-hum innuendo.

I watched the move on ‘Story Only Reel’ from Disc 2. Other special features found on Disc 2 include a ‘Sex Only Reel.’ a ‘Cumshot Recap’ and ‘Behind the Scenes.’

Disc 1 has the film in its entirety.

Bishop decided to focus the movie on the groups interpersonal relationships to justify the sex more so than developing the story — letting the sex be engrained into the story. The bulk of the movie is filmed with the performers traveling to the house in the woods which meant dead story time (which in porn means an extra gonzo scene which, of course, is the purpose) and once they arrived, their demise came quickly.

One performance of note is Jade Nacole’s scene with Deep Threat, despite it being detached from the story, was nasty.

Black Scary Movie felt rushed — incomplete. It could have been better suited as a gonzo flick rather than a parody. I’ve seen better from Bishop. Fatally Obsessed was a great film (see review here).

Black Scary Movie has a top-tier cast who do what they do (that’s perform hardcore sex on camera) but the story leaves one a little limp.

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