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Serial breeding: in the raw

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Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of a three-part series hypothesizing on the black male procreation practice of having multiple children by multiple women. Part 1 can be read here.

Right or wrong, twitter (or “black” twitter in this case) gives you the conscious of society.

If nothing else, the sexual revolution did two things in America — introduced the phrase ‘deep throat’ into the lexicon and transformed sex into a recreation.

Long gone are the times when sex is reserved for your spouse. According to data obtained by the National Center for Health Statistics, only 11 percent of unmarried adults are virgins. By the time people turn 21, 85 percent has had sex and 96 percent between ages 20 and 59 have had sex.

More specifically, it was reported that 46 percent of black men said that they have had 15 or more sexual partners in their lifetime.

Sex has become so common place, so casual, that it is a game — literally.  “Hooking Up” is a new college phenomenon  that sees young people fucking just for the sport. It’s described by Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Lorraine V. Murray simply as young people meeting at a party, getting drunk and fucking. Waking up the next day and giving it each other the ‘peace’ sign.

It’s no surprise that this loose, sexual lifestyle has resulted in the most talked about statistic against black folks — 70 percent of African American children being born out of wedlock. And despite blacks being tired of being reminded of this fact, serial breeders such as Jay Williams and the women who were impregnated by them continue to perpetuate and add on to the totals.

And the most obvious explanation can be found in the tweets above.

Raw dogging, having sex without condoms, is the best sex. It’s natural skin on skin. Feeling each other climax together without the thin coat of latex, sheepskin or polyurethane separating the ejaculate from the penis and the convulsion of the walls of the vagina is the aspect of sex that brings two souls together. It will also bring new life into the world.

As we get more educated about STDs, STIs and HIV, we’ve become more reckless with our sex. It’s the recklessness, the raw dog sex with everyone we “hook up” with, that is creating serial breeders. For every one of the 15 partners that black men have claimed to have sex with, that is 15 chances to produce 15 children (barring multiple births by one). That’s 15 more children born out of wedlock, 15 more baby mommas and most importantly, 15 more children with at best a bad example of a father figure.

End serial breeding — sex responsibly.


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