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The List: Top 10 Fastest Human Beings

10) Michael Johnson: At one time, Johnson held two world records. However, neither one was the 100-meter record so he can’t be faster than the other sprinters on the list.

9) Donovan Bailey: Long forgotten, Bailey once held the world 100 record which at the time was 9.84. Plus, he beat Johnson head to head in the infamous 150-meter race.

8) Maurice Greene: During his heyday, Greene won four Olympic medals, was a five-time World Champion and held the 100 world record at 9.79. He currently holds the 60-meter world indoor record at 6.39.

There will never be a woman faster than Flo-Jo — NEVER

7) Florence Griffith-Joyner: Before anyone questions how Flo-Jo makes the list, you should question how doesn’t she? Griffith-Joyner’s world record of 10.49 will never be broken — EVER. By the way, she also has the 200 record at 21.34.

6) Carl Lewis: Lewis is one of the greatest Olympic performers of all-time but I don’t care about that. His 9.86 100 and 19.75 200 is all that matter for this list. Lewis was so fast that when Ben Johnson defeated him in 1988 at the Seoul Games, everyone suspected Johnson to be on roids. And you know what? He was.

5) Tommie Smith: Most people know Tommie Smith from his gloved fist salute on the medal stand in Mexico City. But what many may not know is that he set seven individual world records during his career.

4) Justin Gatlin: Before a doping suspension took four years of his career away from him, Gatlin was the fastest man in the world. He won six consecutive NCAA titles — in TWO seasons — as a collegian and tied the world record of 9.77 in 2006. He returned from his suspension in 2010 to win the 2012 World Indoor Championships in the 60-meters (6.46) and a bronze in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games (9.79).

3) Tyson Gay: If it wasn’t for Bolt, Gay would be the world’s fastest human. Gay’s 9.69 is second only to Bolt and is a new American record and his 19.58 200-meters is third fastest ever. He recently became the first sprinter ever to run under 10 seconds in the 100, 20 seconds in the 200 and 45 seconds in the 400.

2) Jesse Owens: Owens won the Berlin Games, the 100 in 10.3 and the 200 in 20.7. Not impressive times until you consider that they were ran in 1936 in dirt. You put Owens on a synthetic track, with blocks, weight training and lighter spikes, he would easily run under a 9.7.

1) Usain Bolt: Only person to win back-to-back 100 and 200-meter Olympic gold medals. 9.58 100; 19.19 200; 14.35 150 — all world records. Want further proof of his greatness? In 2013 Bolt became the only man to ever become three-time 200 World Champion. No one has ran faster and probably never will. EVER!


  1. SPYROH says:

    I think Frank Fredericks should also be on this list!

  2. ROB BOULTON says:


  3. Rob Boulton says:


  4. Joe Ruggiero says:

    You credit Jesse Owens with a 10.3. That was his gold medal time in the final of the 1936 Olympic 100 meters. But remember he ran a semifinal heat in 10.2! Admittedly, Usain Bolt appears to be unbeatable but Jesse would have given him a run for his money.

  5. My only problem with this list is having at least one convicted drug cheat (Gatlin) on there and a probable second one (Griffith-Joyner). And don’t forget Jesse Owens set two world records in less than an hour when he was competing in the Big Ten Championships.

    • Chris says:

      Until proven with absolute certainity that Flo-Jo was on some type of performance enhancer, everything else is pure speculation and we have to give her the benefit of a doubt.

    • Fact number one — Gatlin paid the price for his transgression. That squares him insofar as the governing body of the sport is concerned (obviously not good enough for you). Fact number two — Flo Jo was chemically tested and passed. Surely that has to count for something. Granted, we’re all entitled to our opinions, but some measure of substance certainly does help distinguish those views with meaning from those that are so much clutter.

  6. Chris says:

    I forgot about former Dallas Cowboy and Hall of Famer Bob Hayes. Hayes ran a wind-aided 9.91 in 1964. He also held multiple world records at one time. He was nicknamed “Bullet” for a reason.

  7. simba says:

    yohan blake is better than jesse owens

  8. ranasinghrana says:

    you think u r expert but i think “YOHAN BLAKE” is best than Jesse Ownes!

  9. ranasinghrana says:

    ya man bolt will break his both world records in 2013 world championships

    • Chris says:

      I’m going to respond to both of your comments with one single swoop.

      1) You need to really study Jesse Owens first. Then let’s have that discussion.

      2) I think Bolt has reached his peak honestly. I don’t think he can run any faster in the short sprints. However, he should be contending for the 400 world record title.

  10. Ralph says:

    Where is yohan blake?

    • Chris says:

      I respect Yohan. The crucial factor is that Yohan just so happen to come around during the Bolt era. Everyone else was Pre-Bolt in essence. Although he ran fast, he was still second. If he’s still running fast after Bolt retires, then I’ll add him to the list. Can’t do it now.

      The same goes with Asafa Powell. Asafa had the world record for a second but I can’t even put him in an honorable mention list because he never got it done when it counted — the Olympics. Even during his world record moment, Tyson was still faster.

      It’s great to see a lot of you fans of Yohan. Follow him on twitter at @YohanBlake. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

  11. Drake Thomas says:

    Usain Bolt is totally the fastest human in the history of the first day jesus was born you can tell usain bolt is the best EVER!!!!!! Responce by Drake Thomas and fu– yohan blake when has he ever made history? Huh lets see NEVER!!!!!!!

  12. Drake Thomas says:

    Usain Bolt is totally the fastest human in the history of the first day jesus was born you can tell usain bolt is the best EVER!!!!!! Responce by Drake Thomas and fu– yohan blake when has he ever made history? Huh lets see NEVER!!!!!!! P.S. Why do you respect such lame people?

  13. Albert Martin says:

    Yohan Blake should also be in the list , may be not updated.
    Well Jesse Owens could be faster than Usain Bolt as he ran on dirt .

    • Chris says:

      I agree with you on Owens. Pre-Bolt, Owens was always numero uno, As much as I love James Cleveland, I don’t really believe he would beat Bolt today. When Bolt was at his peak (2008-09) and running all out, it isn’t happening.

  14. gerrardkanu says:

    Bolt is simply the best – which legs ‘ll u use 2 beat his records? No one can !

  15. kushal says:

    no one can ever replace bolt he is just the best and will always be

  16. No one can ever beat the record of Usain Bolt, he is the best of all…

  17. Josie says:

    News flash the second fastest man alive to date in recorded history over the 100m hundred and over the 200m is Yohan Blake of Jamaica.

  18. Me says:

    Houston Mctear

  19. WTH :O says:

    so Florence Griffith-Joyner is the on the list because she is a woman ? xD… i thought it is fastest “Human Beings” lolz….

  20. Carlos Silva says:

    You must place on the list the fastest based only on the timing and forget the rest.

  21. klemzi says:

    so what if ben johnson was on roids… the thing is everyone was on roids but he is the only one that got caught

  22. Amiin says:

    you does not say usain bolt is fastest

  23. I don’t think there will ever be someone like usain bolt ……he came into this world for a purpose so I am sure this is want he was destined for …..9.58sc.

  24. just as in usain bolt is also is in ronaldo.

  25. Sakiestewa says:

    Usian bolt really is the worlds fastest runner

  26. Mark says:

    Imagine what it would be like to be Tyson Gay. Knowing that you can out run every person on the entire planet but one person. No matter what you do. You will aways be number 2.

  27. Sean Lardner says:

    l will be the fastest in the whole world

  28. greg says:

    Usian Bolt runs at 33mph so yeah he is the fastest man alive today but I am sure someone will be able to beat him in the near future heck that someone could very well be a kid or maybe there is someone is faster but does not care he noes it and that what matters.

  29. TRILOK SINGH says:


  30. Anil kumar says:

    Usain Bolt is the world fastest runner of the world because he consentrate only on his speed and accelaratiion.

  31. Anil kumar says:

    I always want to become fastest man of the earth.

  32. Brady says:

    Yohan Blake?

  33. TRILOK SINGH says:

    I Have a confidence ,,,, that ii beat uu bolt..


  34. Michael. says:

    if Gareth Bale was an athlet he could have run faster than bolt.

  35. Cris Maracana says:

    Tommie Smith was one of the fastest over 200 meters, not 100 meters, his fastest 100 meter time was a hand timed 10.1 seconds. Jim Hines and Charlie Greene ran 9.9 manually and 10.03 10.09 FAT respectively at the “Night of Speed” in 1968 and were the 2 most dominant 100 yd/meter sprinters in the mid to late 60’s the greatest era in sprinting history. With the exception of the Olympic Trials @ Echo Summitt Lake Tahoe and Mexico City, all their races were on dirt/cinder tracks. Both equalled Bob Hayes 100 yd record of 9.1 seconds, with Hines setting the low altitude 100 meter record of 9.9/10.03 which stood for 12 years b/4 James Sanford of USC broke it at the USC/UCLA dual meet at UCLA in May 1980 in a time of 10.02 on UCLA’s synthetic track. Also if you are going to include Owens in this discussion, then you also have to include Eulace Peacock, his nemesis who split with Owens on head to head confrontations with 5 a piece (see SI long form Finally with regards to Flo-Jo not testing positive Marion Jones didn’t test positive either. Her EPO test was determined to be negative on Sept. 6, 2006

  36. Good one for all these people. What of juan blake??? Where is he? And @ what position is he?

  37. vishal says:

    when I will participate any game than I will break the all records in world(social beat usain bolt)

  38. vishal says:

    when I will participate any game than I will break the all records in world(special beat usain bolt)

  39. Ranuka says:

    I beat all of them…..(in my dreams!!)

  40. Brandon says:

    what about aubameyang

  41. Eric says:

    Watch out. 3 years ago Jesse De Grasse had never ran a race. Now he’s breaking records and getting his interviews crashed by Usain Bolt. This young buck keeps getting faster and faster. I expect his World bronze from this year will move to a close silver at next years Olympics. He will peak 2 olympics from now when I suspect he’ll catch some of the big dog’s records.

  42. bradley gota says:

    gatlin is nothin compared to bolt

  43. mario mclean says:

    There will be no point of watching track&feild without flying bolt

  44. Jeffrey Enck says:

    Great list but to leave Bob Hayes n (seriously ) Jim thorpe off list is ridiculous. Joyner was great selection as well as inclusion Jesse. Should have used same logic with the before mentioned duo.

  45. Usain Bolt says:

    This is a very “interesting” list. 😂😂

  46. Yohan Blake says:

    I agree^

  47. Asafa Powell says:


  48. Mehran says:

    I run faster than Usain!!!

  49. Trip says:

    your all wrong bullet bob hayes is

  50. zzain says:

    i will break your record

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